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Dear Readers,

Have you ever heard of triskaidekaphobia?  Well, neither have I.  But according to an article in the Wall Street Journal, it’s the fear of the number thirteen.  Does that mean the with the new year of 2013, cases of this phobia will be reported?  I certainly hope not; thirteen seems pretty harmless to me.  We don’t need another negative thing to contend with in our already chaotic lives.  Mimi’s thinking positive about 2013.  It’s a new beginning where we can put fears behind us and look forward to the future.

An author who wrote a book about happiness appeared on the Today Show this morning to give some tips on happiness.  She noted that one of the things that can give us pleasure is making up the bed in the morning.  It provides us with a sense of order and control.  No matter how busy the day becomes, at least our bed is neat and tidy.  I agree with her completely.  There is nothing more depressing after a long day, than to enter the bedroom and see a messy, unmade bed.  Her other tip for happiness is the joy of inhaling a pleasing scent, such as the smell of freshly laundered towels, citrus and spices in the kitchen or burning a fragrant candle.  Something as simple as this can bring a smile to our face.  Sounds like a wonderful idea to me.  Maybe just the smell of chocolate chip cookies will make me happy!!!

My final thought concerns taking down the Christmas tree and other decorations.  When I lived in PA and had small children, it was a sad chore, indeed.  The whole house looked bare and colorless, and the thought of the long, cold January days ahead didn’t help.  But since we are retired and live in a warm, sunny climate, the chore is not so dreaded.  Our little three foot artificial Christmas tree is disassembled in fifteen minutes; and then I’m ready to grab my tennis racquet and head for the neareast court!

Happy New Year to all of you and remember to

Keep smilin’!

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