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Dear Readers,

Was recently reminded that the last week of March is National Cleaning Week.  Mimi would be falling down on the job if she neglected to mention this as a “motherly tip”.

Years ago every spring about 3 or 4 weeks were devoted to housecleaning our entire home and I do mean “entire”!  Life is too hectic now to invest that much time in cleaning!  But if you are in the mood to tackle one room at a time, I have some tips.

Today we’ll concentrate on spring cleaning a bedroom (the easiest room).  Future blogs will highlight other rooms.  Wouldn’t want to overwhelm you with too many hints!

Always clean from top to bottom.  Attach a clean rag, preferably an old tee shirt onto a dust mop or broom and dust the edges where the ceiling meets the walls and down each corner where the walls meet.  This removes any cobwebs.  This is a good time to get a ladder and thoroughly dust the ceiling fan.  You’ll be surprised how much dust is on the blades.

Make a mild solution of Mr. Clean and water to clean all the woodwork, including the doors and frames.  Next wash windows and window sills.

Wash blankets and mattress pads.  Sheets should be laundered weekly.  Rotate mattress.  If possible, lift up box springs and vacuum carpet under bed.  It will be extremely dusty, trust me.

Thoroughly endust all furniture and wipe off lamps and doodads sitting on the furniture.

Use edge attachment on vacuum to completely clean edge of carpet and then vacuum entire bedroom floor.

If you’re really ambitious, straighten out drawers and closets.  Give away old clothes.  Dust off shoes.  Refold underwear and sweaters in drawers and dust inside of drawers.  All of this should really be the first thing you do before you clean the room.

If possible, hang mattress pads and blankets outside to dry.  They will smell so fresh on the bed.

Happy Cleaning and as always,

Keep Smilin’!

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Hello readers!
Who is Mimi and why does she want to write a blog?
Well, as a way of introduction let me tell you I’ve been married (happily!) for more than 38 years; have a married daughter and son and a 15 month old granddaughter who is the love of my life!
My daughter and daughter-in-law have been urging me to start a blog because they feel others might enjoy the advice I have given them.  I’ll give you some of my ideas.  They may be some recipes I like or some cleaning tips or just maybe some motherly observations.  Do what you want with them and let’s all have some fun.  Lord knows we all could use a little fun in our lives.
Here’s my first cleaning tip:  Your cleaning job is only as good as the rags you use!  Sounds pretty earth shaking doesn’t it?  But I have found through the years that it does pay to have good cleaning rags.  Paper towels can’t do everything.  And the best rags are old cotton tee shirts and old wash cloths and hand towels.  I use the tee shirts for waxing a car and the wash cloths and towels for cleaning bathroom counters and floors.  Just a bucket of Mr. Clean and hot water and these rags and I can clean anything.  Also the rags can be washed and reused and we can cut down on paper towels.
It just occurred to me that my first tip hasn’t put any fun into your life.  But think of this:  Cleanliness is next to Godliness!!!!!

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