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Dear Readers,

As children, my sisters and I enjoyed dyeing Easter eggs almost as much as hunting for our Easter baskets.  I say almost because one year I found my basket in the bath tub, of all places.  Anyway, back to our egg dyeing.

Mom purchased Paas Egg Dye because she thought it was the best brand for producing vivid colors.  Two  tablets were placed in each deep bowl, along with a couple of tablespoons of white vinegar and boiling water.  We delighted in stirring the water until the tablets completely dissolved.

Our family dyed about five dozen eggs each Easter.  (It’s a good thing we loved egg salad sandwiches!)  The colors were red, green, yellow,, orange, purple and blue.  My favorite were the  purple eggs.  The eggs were left in the solution for a long time to achieve a deep tone.  That meant we were constantly lifting them up with a large spoon to see if they were dark enough.  No pale eggs for the Weickel family.

Once they reached the desired hue, they were carefully placed on the cardboard drying rack that was converted from the Paas box.  After the egg was dry and cool, Mom used a soft white cloth to apply a small amount of shortening.  The egg was then buffed to produce a glowing finish.  On a few eggs, we drew flowers, crosses, or printed our name with the small clear crayon that Paas provided.  But the final egg was the special egg!  It was placed in each color and the end result was always the same:  a brownish, grayish egg we named the “Weickel” egg because we were certain that we were the only family that had created this particular Easter tradition.

Happy Easter and remember to always

Keep smilin’!

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