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Dear Readers,

I usually take a morning walk around 8 AM but this Saturday it was later than usual because of various household chores.  My excursion started around 1 PM and there was plenty of activity on the streets.  It was a clear blue-sky day with a temperature of 73 degrees; folks were most anxious to be out and about enjoying it.

A beer festival was being held at Moore Square Park, a block up from my home.  Huge white tents were erected for sampling the micro-brews.  Large groups of young people gathered in these tents where the noise level was a fever pitch.  I guess the more beer you sample, the louder you talk!

My ears were relieved when the walk took me beyond the park where I was treated with some colorful sights of spring.  I strolled by white and pink dogwood trees, a blooming tulip tree, rows of purple, gold and white pansies, deep red and bright yellow tulips.  The azalea bushes were laden with white, red and lavender blooms.  Clusters of purple and white irises stood proudly and gently swayed in the breeze.  What a beautiful spring feast for my eyes.

Seaboard Station, a retail and dining area near the old train tracks, was just around the corner.  Outdoor patios were crowded with diners munching on hamburgers and fries while sipping sweet tea or beer.  When springtime arrives, everyone wants to eat outdoors and enjoy the warm afternoon.  Throngs of shoppers mobbed the grounds of the Logan Trading Co. selecting all types of potting plants.  Gardeners enthusiastically eyed the rows of purple, pink and white petunias along with trays of orange, yellow and coral gerber daisies.

At the far end of the parking lot there was an exhibition of Euro-bikes which featured antique scooters and Bucati motorbikes.  These fine machines were polished and gleaming in the sunlight.  Owners proudly stood beside them.  In one corner a band was playing some “down ‘n dirty” rock ‘n roll songs.  I couldn’t help from smiling just listening to this music from the past.

Near the end of the walk, a horse-drawn carriage clip-clopped down the street.  In it sat a man and a woman eagerly looking, while listening to the driver, who was most likely divulging the history of the buildings on the route.  There wasn’t a lot of traffic, so the talkative driver could lean back to converse with the couple while leisurely guiding the horse and carriage down the street.

All in all, it was a great day to be “alive and kicking” in Raleigh, NC.

Keep smilin’!

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