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Food Drives

Dear Readers,
At this time of year we tend to think about those who are less fortunate.  Lots of food drives are being held at churches, synagogues, and other service organizations.  We all tend to donate the same ole cans of veggies and pork ‘n beans.
Here’s some novel ideas for a food drive:  (Mimi would love to take credit for these ideas but the truth is they were suggested by the local food bank!)
small bag of rice

small bag of dried pinto beans               

peanut butter                          

tuna helper and small can of tuna

hamburger helper

canned spaghetti sauce

box of spaghetti

packages of gravy mix

diapers in 3 sizes

baby food – stage 1, 2 &3

toilet paper

bar of soap
I’m thinking about putting a box aside and filling it up, when these items go on sale.  Then it is full when a food drive is conducted.  You also get more bang for your buck!  Remember the homeless are hungry all year long – not just at Thanksgiving and Christmas.
My dad always said for everything you give, you receive twice as much in return and remember to “Keep Smilin’”!

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