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Dear Readers,

Had a wonderfully exciting visit yesterday afternoon to the Bain Project.  This is an art exhibition in an old abandoned water treatment facility just outside of downtown Raleigh.  It wasn’t the usual showing of artwork covering the walls as seen in an art gallery.  The building itself was a major part of the exhibition.  Certain areas were enhanced by artistic arrangements of artifacts found around the building.  One staging I particularly enjoyed was a “mini” apartment set up in a former employee bathroom.  There was a bed, floor lamp and even toothpaste in an old glass atop the wash bowl.  A bathrobe was carelessly thrown over the shower door; all the comforts of home.  Then there was the room full of bathtubs all sporting a layer of live, growing grass in the bottom; truly unique.

The highlight of the tour was the 10 minute sound performance.  This compact concert was performed by 10 or 12 “employees” dressed in long white lab coats.  The audience gathered on a 15 foot catwalk overlooking the big network of huge pipes employed in the treatment of water.  The “employees” walked down ladders to their positions near the numerous pipes and rusty wheels.  They “banged” on the pipes and slowly rotated the large squeaky high-pitched wheels in concert, much like musicians in an orchestra.  The resulting music was very unusual and entertaining in an eerie sort of way; somewhat akin to the industrial sounds of the actual working water treatent system but with a definite rhythm and beat.

Creativity is a God-given gift and I marvel at how it was displayed on a rainy, Sunday afternoon in a beautiful old abandoned building!

Keep smilin’!

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