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Dear Readers,

As part of my morning ritual, I take the empty glass of water from my bedside table to the dishwasher in the kitchen.  It was there I glanced up to see part of a big colorful rainbow from the window.  This is the first one I had seen this year.  It is such a thrilling sight to observe the many tones on the spectrum from red to violet glowing in the bright morning sunlight.  My walking partner and good friend had to be alerted to this glorious display of nature before it faded away.  She was glad I telephoned her and even had to step up on a chair to get a glimpse of the rainbow from her bedroom window.

It wasn’t a perfectly arched rainbow because of the cloud configuration above the mountain but it did shine for over two hours.  My friend and I took our usual morning trek going east on Country Club Road.  When we retraced our steps going west, the rainbow was our focal point on the path home.  As we finished our walk, my friend joyously remarked how fortunate we both were to be able to enjoy this gift of nature from God.  She also declared that she “stops to smell the roses and brakes for rainbows”.  Wise words, indeed!

Keep smilin’!

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