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Henry’s Birthday

Dear Readers,

Today is my Dad’s birthday.  He was born March 20, 1910 and he died on March 6, 1996.  He was a wonderful father and not a day goes by without my thinking of him.  Had the privilege of giving a farewell address at his funeral mass.  I’m going to quote from that address because it gives you a small insight into the kind of man he was.

“I want to pay tribute to my Dad today but wasn’t sure what aspect of his character to highlight.  Should I tell of his deep faith and trust in God, his overwhelming optimism, his love of his family, his great sense of humor?  Well, a story from my teenage years could really show what kind of Dad I had.

In the spring of 1963, Mom and I went shopping for the ‘perfect’ prom dress.  ‘Let’s go to Greenup’s, Mom.  All the really fashionable dresses come from there.’  Needless to say, Greenup’s on 4th Street had the priciest gowns in Louisville.  Reluctantly Mom accompanied me there, knowing that most of the dresses would be too expensive for our budget.

Sure enough I found the perfect dress.  It was white with lots of lace, but came with a price tag of sixty dollars.  Now in 1963, sixty dollars was a lot of money – considering one year’s tuition at Ursuline Academy was ninety dollars.  I looked at Mom with pleading eyes.  I had to have this dress.  It would make my life complete!  She said it was out of the question, just too expensive and we should never have come to Greenup’s to begin with.  In my heart I knew she was right.

Later that evening at home, after the shopping trip, Dad came to me and said if I really wanted that prom dress, he should buy it for me, no matter what the price!

No, I didn’t buy the dress.  I couldn’t let my Dad pay that much money for a dress I would wear once.  But I knew then how much my Dad loved me – that he would make any sacrifice for my happiness.

That’s the kind of Dad he was!  I love you, Dad.”

And as always,

Keep smilin’!

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Pa and the Ketchup Smiley Face

Dear Readers,  

My daughter recently reminded me of a cute story about her grandfather, Pa.

When my kids were little, my parents used to visit us twice a year in April and September.  We always made a semi-annual shopping trip to the Reading, PA outlets and had lunch at the local Friendly Ice Cream Restaurant.  Pa’s favorite menu item was New England clam chowder.  To the great amusement of my 5 year old daughter and 2 year old son, he would draw a smiley face on his chowder with a squirt bottle ofketchup.  My kids thought it was so funny that it became a tradition.  Pa would order chowder and get to work on his masterpiece.


Any artist can use watercolor or oil, but how many can craft a work of art with a squirt bottle of ketchup?


Keep smilin’!






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