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Dear Readers,

It is very important for all of us to save our environment and think “green”.  I discovered there are many ways in which lemons can be the “green” answer to household problems and chores just by reading an article in an old Better Homes and Garden magazine entitled “Lemon-Aid”.  I’m going to quote directly from this article.

“When life gives you  lemons, freshen up around the house.  The citric acid in lemons works as a natural cleanser and laundry aid.  Lemons also leave a clean scent.  Here are some common household uses for lemons:

Remove tarnish from copper by dipping a lemon half in salt, then rubbing it onto a copper surface.  Squeeze a little juice onto a pot and let it sit for several minutes to remove stubborn tarnish.

Rub a lemon wedge over your hands to remove lingering odors from working with onions, garlic, fish, or other strong-smelling foods.

Clean some stains (especially food stains) from countertops by squeezing lemon juice over the stain.  Let juice sit for 30 to 45 minutes, then pour baking soda over the juice and gently rub the stain away.

Remove rust from tools and other metal surfaces with lemon juice.  The juice also will loosen bolts that are rusted in place.  Pour juice over metal and let it sit until rust starts to dissolve.  If juice runs off the surface too quickly, saturate a rag or paper towel with lemon juice and wrap the towel around the rusted area.

Erase rust spots and fruit juice stains from white fabrics by dabbing stains with lemon juice.  Dry in the sun to help with bleaching.

Grind lemon rinds in your garbage disposal to keep it smelling sweet.”

I hope this article will help you to always think “green” and to

Keep smilin’!

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Dear Readers,

In the interest of full disclosure, this tip did not originate with Mimi but came from a dear friend, Sue, who thought it may be a good topic for this blog.  I wholeheartedly agree and am going to quote verbatim from her informative e-mail.

“I’ve spent a lot of time this past week trying to figure out how to get the mothball smell out of my winter clothes – both cotton and wool.  I hadn’t used mothballs for a long time because I thought I was somehow immune to this plague.  Then I wore a favorite brown cardigan over a blue top last winter and someone pointed out that they could see blue through the moth holes in my sweater; boy, was I embarrassed.

This summer I was conscientious again and used mothballs; but when I opened the drawers in the dresser this fall, the smell was overwhelming.  I tried leaving the drawers open, hanging the clothes on the line (though not for a long period of time), all to no avail.

I finally googled for answers this weekend and found the answer.  Following information I found on various websites, I bought dryer sheets (which I otherwise avoid on the theory that fewer chemicals are better.)  I put the clean, dry clothes in the dryer on the “delicates/knits” setting with 3 dryer sheets and gave it a full cycle.  Everything came out smell-free.

I bought Seventh Generation dryer sheets because they seem to be reasonably “green” and because they have no perfume”.

Thanks, Sue, for this great tip.  I’m sure the readers will find it very helpful and remember to

Keep smilin’!

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